Sports Chiropractic

Sports and injuries, unfortunately, often seem to go hand in hand. If you are in need of a sports injury chiropractor, Dr. Diane Smith of Advanced Wellness & Sports Rehab in Champlin, MN provides all the chiropractic services you require. 

Chiropractic adjustment

Chiropractic adjustments are a very important service offered by chiropractors. With more than 100 varieties of spinal adjustments, your chiropractor has lots of options. The two main categories are manual and instrument assisted. When the spine is out of alignment it can cause systemic issues in the body. All messages from the brain travel through the spine and need to flow freely.  

Manual adjustments

Manual adjustments are done with the hands by a sports injury chiropractor. The chiropractor uses their hands to identify where the misalignment is. The vertebrae are then moved. It often produces a sound that resembles cracking your knuckles. It is not dangerous; the noise is due to gases being released. 

Activator instrument-assisted adjustments

The activator is a precision instrument that your chiropractor uses to gently move the vertebrae in your back or neck. If you are not sure about getting an adjustment, this is a gentle, targeted way to ensure results. 

Graston Technique 

The Graston Technique is the use of instruments to assist with soft tissue mobilization. Tools are used to help remove the scar tissue that results from injuries. When you have scar tissue, it affects the ability of the area to move as freely as it should. Friction massage is used to break down the scars and blood rushes to the area to promote the growth of new connective tissue.


Acupuncture is a very effective treatment for pain used for thousands of years in China. Thin needles inserted in the skin promote the free flow of energy in the body. If the thought of needles frightens you, today's acupuncturist uses magnets, lasers, and electric pulses to release the energy blockage in the body. By strategic placement of the needles, the body is better able to heal itself when acupoints are stimulated. 

Clinical-grade cold laser therapy

Cold laser therapy uses light to help the body to naturally heal itself. It is used to reduce inflammation and thus pain. The light passes through the skin and goes to work deep within the cells to reduce swelling and promote faster healing. 

Contact Dr. Smith of Advanced Wellness & Sports Rehab in Champlin, MN when you are in need of a sports injury chiropractor. For an appointment, call us at 763-291-0202 or send us a message via our website. 

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