Cold Laser Therapy

Cold Laser Therapy is an excellent treatment that is often utilized to treat a wide array of conditions and pain.  This therapy allows the body to naturally heal itself by utilizing a combination of electric stimulation and cold laser technology.  This low level laser therapy consists of a light-emitting device that can be utilized on many different parts of the body.

In addition to simple back and neck pain, cold laser therapy has been utilized for a number of inflammatory conditions such as arthritis, tendonitis and sprains/strains.  There are a number of conditions that have been notably improved or resolved with the usage of this therapy, including:

                                                                   - carpal tunnel syndrome

Laser machine

    - shoulder and neck injuries including whiplash

    - runner's knee/jumper's knee

    - IT band syndrome

    - plantar fasciitis/fasciosis

    - Achilles tendonitis/tendinopathy

    - tennis elbow and golfer's elbow

    - muscle and joint pain

                                                                  - as well as a long list of others painful conditions and disorders

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Laser heads

How It Works

The machine is set to a particular setting based on your specific condition.  The laser head is applied to the area and once the light energy passes through the layers of skin and reaches the target area, it is absorbed and interacts with the light sensitive elements in the cell.  This process can be compared to photosynthesis in plants - sunlight is absorbed by plants, which is then converted to usable energy so that the plant can grow.

When cells absorb this light energy, it initiates a series of events in the cell that is theorized to eventually result in normalizing damaged or injured tissue, a reduction in pain, inflammation, edema and an overall reduction in healing time by increasing intracellular metabolism.1,2


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  2. Marovino T. Cold Lasers in Pain Management. Practical Pain Management. Sep/Oct 2004. 4(6):37-42.

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