Injury Rehab

When you have been injured, you will need injury rehab. In Champlin, MN, Dr. Diane Smith of Advanced Wellness & Sports Rehab offers treatments and therapies that can help you get back your mobility and your life. Whether it is a sports injury, a work injury, or an auto accident, we can help. 

Manual adjustments or Activator instrument-assisted adjustments

Adjustments are an important component of injury rehab. Depending on the area that needs adjustment, the extent of your injury, and your particular body type, it may respond better to manual adjustment or to instrument-assisted adjustment. With spinal manipulation, the vertebrae are moved ever so slightly to realign the spine so that impulses can flow freely. 

Injury rehab may also involve extremity adjustment if the injury is in the extremity. This includes shoulders, elbows, wrists, knees, and ankles. An injury can force a joint out of alignment, and it won't function at its optimal level. 

Graston Technique

The Graston Technique is instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization. There are six tools that are part of a Graston set and different tools are used to scrape the soft tissue in different areas of the body. The tools break down adhesions and scar tissue in the fascia and, together with targeted massage, help stretch the soft tissue and promote healing and restore the range of motion. 


Acupuncture uses acupoints to stimulate the energy in the body to heal itself. The acupoints are stimulated with the insertion of thin needles or with magnets, lasers, or electric pulses. When the energy flows freely through the body, everything works better and acupuncture is often used together with other chiropractic therapies. 

Therapeutic exercise

Therapeutic exercise is designed to treat very specific areas of the body and to help with range of motion and flexibility. You will do the exercise as part of your rehab and continue to do it at home so that you can accelerate your injury rehab.

Clinical-grade cold laser

Cold laser therapy helps the body to naturally heal itself by using low spectrum light to induce the body to release more energy. It reduces pain and inflammation in the soft tissues and joints while promoting healing at the cellular level. 

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