xray.jpg While we do not perform x-rays in house, we can order the necessary imaging (x-rays, MRI, CT, diagnostic ultrasound, etc.) at a local imaging center.  These local imaging centers are in network with most insurance plans but since we are not affiliated with them, you will need to verify your insurance coverage at their facility.

X-rays and other imaging are only ordered when it is deemed medically necessary and these images allow the doctor a look at what is going on inside the bone structure of the skeletal region that was imaged.  This can help narrow down the issue that is causing pain and dysfunction and can also help rule out other conditions that aren't present which couldn't be determined without a look inside the body.

Dr. Smith will discuss with you whether imaging is necessary for your condition and she will order the imaging for you.

Occasionally, x-rays may be necessary during pregnancy but the risk vs benefit is always discussed with the prospective mother first in regards to the safety of the baby.  This is another reason why it is always important to let your providers know about any pregnancies or any health conditions that may impact the ability to perform certain diagnostic studies.

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